Bloodhounds are categorized by the AKC as members of the Hound Group, specifically scenthounds. They have a better sense of smell than any other breed and can follow a scent trail that is days old!

Many people often mistake bloodhounds for low energy dogs but this is often not the case. Young dogs especially need LOTS of exercise or they may become destructive and develop undesirable behaviors.

Bloodhounds are often used in law enforcement to locate missing people, escaped prisoners, lost children, and even lost pets.

A bloodhound's long ears and wrinkly skin help "sweep" scents towards their nose to help them as they track.

A fenced yard is best for these dogs, once their nose catches a scent their ears and brain "turn off" and nothing else matters. They can travel miles on a trail without realizing it and could get hurt while oblivious to everything else going on around them.