2016: River is now a permanent resident of MHBR. She will stay with us to be a friend to every future dog coming through our rescue.

2017: Mandy (now Belle) will have 2 older canine brothers and some cats to keep her busy.

2016: Thackery (now Baxter) has his own human brothers and a canine brother to keep him busy!

2016: Allison (now Rory) is enjoying life with a kitten sister!

2016: Winifred to now adored by her new family in CT.

2017: Sari is now called Daisy and is loving life with a wonderful family who adores her.

2016: Mary now shares her home with several human brothers, a cat and a tortoise!

2016: Jack is with Tall Tails Beagle Rescue waiting to find his new home

2016: Daisy Mae is happily living with a brother almost identical to her, several cats, and kids to play with!

2016: Dani (now Maya) has her own family to take her on new adventures.

2017: Shilo is the center of his new parent's world!

​2014: Copper is now enjoying life with Chris and his family in PA.

2014: Duke, the Black and Tan Coonhound, was adopted by the Jones family.

adopted dogs

These are some of our dogs that have found their new families!




2017: Clara, now known as Stella, found her perfect family with two human brothers. 

2015: Molly ​now has a new canine brother and several human kids to play with in upstate NY!

2016: Max is now the center of attention with his new parents.

2016: Duke of Stanford was transferred to Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Maine and found a perfect home with a new canine brother

2017: Felix may have waited longer than most of our dogs but he found his perfect home!

2016: Sarah (now Clarabelle) has a human sister and canine brother to play with!